See Click Fix to Socrata

Pulls data from the See Click Fix API and publishes to Socrata dataset.

It relies heavily on a custom python script which does the following:

  • Loop through the org id of each city
  • Paginate through the data on See Click Fix API: [](
  • Transform the data from json to FME Feature Attributes
  • Publish to Socrata using the Socrata Writer


Follow these steps to get the example workflow working.

  1. Download the workflow and associated files using the Download link above and open in FME Workbench.
  2. Contact to obtain account IDs for the customer’s account on SeeClickFix. For example if you are an open data administrator for a state level agency you should obtain the city ids for all pertinent cities and list them 1 per row.
  3. Fill out the org_id file with the above information, save changes.
  4. Configure the FME Published Parameters.
  5. For 1st run dataset creation: Change Socrata Writer dataset title to desired dataset title.
  6. Run the workflow.
  7. Search the logs for “dataset id” and change the Socrata Writer to this 4-4
  8. Run the workflow again.
  9. Schedule this workflow on a regular cadence, for example with Windows Task Scheduler


To test the See Click Fix API and your org id, make a “GET” request to

If FME log shows errors with specific parameters, make sure all published parameters are filled out correctly.