Socrata to Socrata

This FME workflow extracts data from an existing Socrata dataset, performs an example data transformation (filtering out features by attribute value) and then publishes the resulting data to a different Socrata dataset. This workflow could be adapted to perform joins of two existing Socrata datasets using a FeatureMerger transformer.

View preview of workflow


Follow these steps to get the example workflow working to create a new dataset on your data portal.

  1. Download the workflow using the Download link above and open it in FME Desktop. NOTE: You may have to right-click > Save Link As… to get it to download.
  2. Ensure the CSV Reader is pointing to by editing the ‘Source CSV’ under rows[CSV] in the Navigator panel in the upper left of FME. NOTE: verify that you can actually download the CSV when you input into a web browser.
  3. Update your Socrata credentials for the Socrata writer by editing the following under the Socrata writer (look for <not set> [Socrata]) in the Navigator panel:
    • Domain (e.g.
    • User
    • Password
  4. Run the workflow and ensure a new dataset was created on your domain.

Adapting the workflow for your data

  1. Obtain the download URL for your source Socrata dataset by navigating to the dataset in a web browser. Click the blue ‘Export’ button and copy the ‘CSV’ link under Download As. Right click > Copy link address
  2. Paste this CSV download link into the ‘Source CSV’ field under rows[CSV] in the Navigator panel in FME.
  3. To configure the dataset to publish to and the update method refer to ‘Steps 3 and 4’ of this guide.
  4. Run the workflow!